MicroBooNE Remote Shifting

Any changes to these procedures should be on the uBooNE operations wiki.

Example Setup






Other links can be found at the off-site procedures page on the uBooNE operations wiki..


This can take a little bit of time (especially setting up for the first time), so best to arrive around 15-20 minutes early.

NOTE: You cannot move windows from the left three screens to the right three screens.

INSTRUCTIONS-Left hand side

  1. Turn the computer on and log in with the uboone user and password.
  2. Open up firefox on the left hand screens (applications > Internet > Firefox) and go to https://vpn.fnal.gov. Log in with your Fermilab services account and let the Cisco java applet run.
  3. Open up the uBooNE e-log from the bookmarks toolbar, and open another window with the uBooNE operations wiki. Check the run plan etc.
  4. Open the google chat in another firefox window on the left (username lancaster.microboone@gmail.com, password XXXXXXXXXXX)
  5. Open up a terminal and get your Kerberos ticket:
    kinit user@FNAL.GOV -Af
  6. ssh in to the ubdaq machine:
    ssh -L 5903:localhost:5903 uboonedaq@ubdaq-prod-ws01.fnal.gov

    and on the ubdaq machine do

    ssh -L 5903:localhost:5903 ubdaq-prod-evb.fnal.gov
  7. Open a NEW terminal and connect to the DAQ VNC by typing
    krdc localhost:5903

    and entering the password

INSTRUCTIONS-Right hand side

  1. Move to the right hand monitors and open up a terminal window (keyboard shortcuts will not work, use the menu)
  2. ssh in to the ubdaq machines using the following:
    ssh -K -L 5902:localhost:5902 uboonedaq@ubdaq-prod-ws01.fnal.gov
  3. Open a NEW terminal and access the slow controls VNC by typing
    krdc localhost:5902

    and entering the password.

  4. Open another new terminal and type
    ssh -X uboonedaq@ubdaq-prod-ws01.fnal.gov
  5. then:
    ssh -X uboonedaq@ubdaq-prod-evb.fnal.gov
  6. and then the following instructions:
    cd pubs
    source config/setup.sh
    setup pyqtgraph
    python $PUB_TOP_DIR/pub_mongui/mongui.py

    which should bring up the PUBS GUI.

  7. Open yet another terminal and type:
    ssh -D 8881 uboonedaq@ubdaq-prod-ws01.fnal.gov

    which will give you access to websites like the OM lizard.

  8. To open another firefox browser, open another terminal (yes I’m serious), and type:
    firefox -P

    and select whichever profile you’re not using on the initial screen.

Setting up Vidyo

To set up the Vidyo connection on the shifting machines, open up the Vidyo Desktop program (Applications->Internet->Vidyo Desktop) and then click the link labeled “Vidyo” in the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox. This should automatically connect you to the correct room.

(Note: I’ve had some problems with this closing itself lately,  and had to resort to using Skype anyway)