Timetable for upcoming group meeting talks:

16/02 Cake by Dave
Terry Anti-neutrino event cleanliness
Andy Proto-DUNE(s)
23/02 Cake by Matt L
Adam 10 slides MicroBooNE
Matt L 10 Slides T2K (ND280 Upgrade)
01/03 Cake by Andy
Danny 10 slides MicroBooNE
Iain Cross Section Ratios
Dave T2KUK Practice Talk
08/03 Cake by Adam
Matt L MSW Effect (postponed)
Dom Electron-Drift
15/03 Cake by Danny
Tom IoP Practice Talk
22/03 No Meeting due to IoP
29/03 No meeting due to university closure day

Previous talks:

2015/16 Semester 1:

19/10 Cake by Dave
Tom WCSim
Laura SNO Tour
Jarek 10 Slides NIWG
26/10 Cake by Adam
Danny MicroBooNE/LAr (Introduction)
Dave 10 Slides SLAC Summer School
Iain T2KUK Monday Meeting Practice (for 30/10)
02/11 Cake by Iain
Helen STFC PPAP Roadmap
Dave 10 Slides T2K
Adam MicroBooNE/LAr (Introduction)
09/11 Cake by Danny
Matt P SNO+ Something of Interest
Iain Literature Review Cross Section Ratios
Jarek NuInt Practice Talk
16/11 Cake by Andy
Matt L ECal Deficit Investigation
Andy MicroBooNE First Data
23/11 Cake by Matt P
Alasdair 10 Slides T2K
Laura 10 Slides T2K
30/11 Cake by Alasdair
Iain NuInt 10 Slides
Jarek NuInt Talk
07/12 CANCELLED Cake by Matt L
Alasdair T2KUK Monday Meeting Practice (for 11/12)
Joe Cockings SBND OOFV Studies

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