Highland2 Installation

Matthew Lawe’s perfect instructions for compiling highland2 on the Lancaster (CentOS7) cluster “First time, Every time”*:

  1. First create a folder within which to place your highland2 installation:
    $ mkdir /home/t2k/user/path/to/highland/installation
  2. Move into that directory:
    $ cd /home/t2k/user/path/to/highland/installation
  3. Recursively checkout nd280Highland2:
    $ cmt co -R nd280Highland2 -r v2r49
  4. That working directory should then contain the following directories:
    highland2, nd280Highland2, psyche, nd280Psyche
  5. You now need to ensure the highland2/oaAnalysisReader is configured for the software production you intend to use. Edit the the requirements file to set the macro PRODUCTIONDIR "prod6T" line to the appropriate production as shown in the table at the top of the file.
  6. You then need to export your CMTPATH to include a location for ROOT and the directory containing the highland2 directories:
    $ export CMTPATH=/home/t2k/user/path/to/highland/installation/:/t2k/Software/v12r25
  7. If using ROOT from /t2k/Software/v12r25 make sure your CMTCONFIG is set to Linux-x86_64:
    $ export CMTCONFIG=Linux-x86_64
  8. Then move to the cmt directory within nd280highland2:
    $ cd /home/t2k/user/path/to/highland/installation/nd280Highland2/v2r49/cmt
  9. Source the setup.sh file in the cmt directory:
    $ source setup.sh
  10. Configure the software:
    $ cmt broadcast cmt config
  11. Compile the software:
    $ cmt broadcast cmt make
  12. Watch as it all compiles perfectly…
  13. To check it has worked, try running a couple of the executables without arguments to ensure they exist and don’t seg fault:
    $ RunCreateFlatTree.exe
    $ RunNumuCCAnalysis.exe

*“First time, Every time” is not guaranteed…